Our History

In February 1962, Dick and Lantz Wrightsel, Uncle Joe Saltz, and our eccentric Engineer, L.Z. Kempton, formed and founded their first Ross-Co Redi-Mix concrete plant in Chillicothe, Ohio. They did so by purchasing three, rear discharge, concrete mixer trucks from a competitor in Columbus, Ohio, and they purchased an old concrete batch plant previously located in McArthur, Ohio. Piece-by-piece, load-by-load, week-after-week our hardworking founders relocated that old batch plant to Chillicothe, they made numerous repairs to it, they began producing ready mix concrete, and our fledgling company quickly became a competitive ready mix producer within Chillicothe, and our surrounding communities. Later, when that batch plant couldn’t keep up with the demands of our growing city, and our clients’ needs for more concrete, Dick Wrightsel purchased a six-yard Hetzel batch plant, and it faithfully served our customers and our community for many years thereafter.

In the beginning of our small family business, when the demand for concrete was low in the winter months, we quickly learned: “Necessity is the mother of invention.” With that work ethic in mind, and during our days of low production, our family, friends, and employees became well versed in networking, locating, purchasing, repairing, and making operational more ready mix batch plants. Once acquired, we would erect them at multiple construction sites throughout Southern Ohio, scaring our competition with unprecedented growth and, when we ceased production of ready mix concrete at those job sites, we would then sell the same portable ready mix plants to our competitors for a hefty profit. Our founder, Dick Wrightsel, once said, “Before we open another [ready mix concrete] plant, we need a big job first.” His strong work ethics quickly became a proven, time-honored reality for us, and an enduring motto for the continued growth and expansion of our company.

In 1963, Dick, Lantz, and Joe Wrightsel, along with the ingenious assistance of our Engineer, L.Z. Kempton, opened their second ready mix concrete plant in Waverly, Ohio. They located, bought, and repaired an old, one-yard, Hetzel batch plant with manual controls that – believe it or not – required mixing concrete by hand! Due to the growing demands for concrete in Piketon, Ohio, they sold the Waverly plant to a competitor in 1964, and it soon became a cement distribution terminal. In 1965, and not long thereafter, Dick relocated our Waverly Plant to Piketon, Ohio, and it quickly became known as Pike-Co Redi-Mix. In 1967, and because business was booming, Dick purchased a computerized, “punch card” operated, Columbus Bins batch plant and used it exclusively at our Piketon Plant. A few years later, in 1972, construction and expansion projects at the neighboring atomic plant were growing by leaps-and-bounds, and they needed a lot of concrete – over 100,000 cubic yards to be exact! At one time, throughout the numerous construction sites at the atomic plant, we were batching, mixing, and loading ready mix concrete into the trucks of our competitors, because they couldn’t meet the pressing demands of their own customers. When no other ready mix producer could or would, Pike-Co Redi-Mix and Ross-Co Redi-Mix was there when our customers needed concrete. During this time of corporate expansion, growth, and economic prosperity, Ross-Co Redi-Mix kept their front discharge concrete mixer trucks at the Chillicothe Plant, implemented them wherever our customers needed them, and dispatched them as needed throughout Southern Ohio.

Due to the seemingly endless demands of our customers, their insatiable need for high quality concrete, our desire to meet and exceed their needs, and our growing communities, Ross-Co Redi-Mix grew right alongside them. As a result, in 1996, we opened another ready mix concrete plant in Circleville, Ohio. The necessities of our customers, and our professional responsibilities to them, dictated our corporate growth. With the Wrightsel family at the helm, leading the legacy of our brand, our company, and our future, we were leaving an indelible impact throughout the ready mix industry in Ohio, and we profoundly shaped the way our customers relied upon and trusted us to meet their concrete needs. In 2005, nine years after we opened our Circleville Plant, we placed our bid for the contract at the Walmart Distribution Center, we won the bid, we needed a fully operational concrete plant near the construction site, and we went into high gear to open our next ready mix plant. In yet another memorable year for our company, we opened our fourth plant in Washington Court House, Ohio, and we immediately began producing 50,000 cubic yards of concrete at the newly constructed Walmart Distribution Center. Predictably, Walmart was well pleased with us, as well as the local contractors and customers in Southern Ohio who now had access to a reliable producer of ready mix concrete who not only delivered a high-quality product but, more importantly, we put our money where our mouth was so we could pour, pour, pour, and so much more.

Since 1962, Ross-Co Redi-Mix has worked very hard to acquire life-long relationships with our contractors, customers, distributors, suppliers, and vendors. We have four stationary ready mix concrete plants located throughout Southern Ohio. We have 32 front discharge concrete mixer trucks, and six company trucks to service and satisfy your concrete needs. We have one Quality Control Inspector to ensure your construction and engineering needs for a high-quality product. We have three Diesel Mechanics to service our fleet of vehicles 24/7/365. We produce over 100,000 cubic yards of ready mix concrete per year. We deliver our branded product of admixtures and mix designed concrete to over 10,000 square miles throughout Southern Ohio. We are a faith-based, family-owned business employing Biblical principles, standards, and values within our daily business operations, and we’re still growing.

If you want to grow with us, forget the rest, and call the best: Ross-Co Redi-Mix! Since concrete is our only business – service and satisfaction is our only mission! Call our Chillicothe Plant at 740.775.4466, our Circleville Plant at 740.474.8765, our Piketon Plant at 740.912.2061, our Washington Court House Plant at 740.333.6833, visit our website at MyRossCoRediMix.com, or email us at rossco1@bright.net. We look forward to serving your concrete needs.

Old Ross-Co Redi-Mix Office
Old Ross-Co Redi-Mix Concrete Truck
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The Old Office
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